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Karen Whitmer

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Karen Whitmer has practiced law since 1993. During that time, Karen has become intimately acquainted with a wide array of issues common to the health care industry, including compliance and billing. Karen has personally handled hundreds of cases in the early collection phases. However, her considerable experience in handling "in-house" collection cases is far exceeded by her supervision of litigation cases handled at the local level by a local counsel network that encompasses more than forty, and extends to the Caribbean and to Europe.

Over the years, Karen has supervised and has overseen the litigation of literally thousands of cases that are and have been handled by our local counsel. Karen has closely shepherded, monitored and supervised all phases of litigation of those cases, from pre-suit through post-judgment discovery and collection proceedings.

Karen's role has made her extremely knowledgeable in the nuances of commercial recovery in states across America. Perhaps even more importantly, Karen has developed an in depth understanding of how counterclaims arise; what types of counterclaims might have merit; and how to successfully dispose of counterclaims.